Best Air Purifier in India For Home 2024 Under 15000

As winters are approaching, so pollution, and smog are also coming on the way. We all know that the most poor quality of air is in winter only.

Even in summer, most of the states in  India suffer low quality of air due to many reasons. The main and the utmost important reason behind the bad air is pollution. Smoke emitting from vehicles, burning crackers during festive occasions, smoke coming from factories, and many more reasons are there.

Because of this many people whether adults, kids, or aged people suffer from breathing problems like asthma, chest infection, bronchitis, etc.

A proper lifestyle is only maintained by healthy well-being. In this modern era, technology is playing a vital role in everyone’s life. Many electronics or gadgets are made for an easier and healthier life.

One of them is an Air purifier. To be safe and maintain a healthy lifestyle one can use or even use the best air purifier which helps in purifying the air with its salient features. Inhaling the fresh air during these pollution days is like ‘sone pe suhaaga’. But this can only be possible by using the best air purifier in India.

The market is flooded with competition and finding out which one is the best air purifier is a difficult job. So many brands of air purifiers are available in the market. This article helps you in a  lot of way to find the best air purifier in India as per your requirement. Digital and non-digital air purifiers are there.

Best Air Purifier in India 2023

Here are some best air purifier in India which are as follows -:

  • Honeywell Air Touch V2 Indoor Air Purifier
  • Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier
  • MI Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier
  • Philips Ac1215/20 Air Purifier
  • Blue Star Air Purifier Bs AP300DAI

Honeywell Air Touch V2 Indoor Air Purifier

If you are looking for a budget-friendly as well as the best air purifier then you can definitely go for Honeywell Air touch V2 Indoor air purifier. Now inhaling fresh and clean air is as much as easy using the best air purifier which is Honeywell indoor air purifier.

Removing the finest particles including dust, pollen , and odour using its best technology that makes you and your loved ones safe and healthy. Gives dirt-free air using its 3 filtration process stages which come with an activated carbon filter, H13 HEPA filter, and a sponge filter that can be placed in any corner of your house.

This is the best air purifier of Honeywell that work continuously without making noise which most of the other purifier do. It provides proper air circulation of fresh and clean air with its unique technology of 3D airflow. The life of the filter of the Honeywell Air touch V2 Indoor purifier can go up to 1 year. There is also an indicator that shows there is a need to change the filter. The company is providing 1 year of warranty period.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier

If you want to invest a good amount of money in purchasing the best air purifier then you can go for Dyson Pure Cool link air purifier which comes with advanced technology and stylish design.

This purifier is a little pricey, but it’s worth it because it has so many excellent functions. One of the most soothing characteristics that makes Dyson the finest purifier is that it can be controlled via a remote included with the device as well as the Dyson connect app.

Its stylish design and sleek body it can easily be fitted in any corner of the room without taking up so much space. Dyson Pure Cool Link purifier purifies the air upto 99.95%.

This air purifier is best suited for those who are highly allergic or have asthma as it is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The magnetised remote that easily be attached at the top of the purifier.

 It has a high high-efficiency vacuum-sealed 360° glass HEPA filter and tris-coated activated carbon filter that provides the cleanest air around your surroundings. Easy to replace or change the filter. The company is providing 2 years of warranty period.

MI Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier

A well-known brand in the field of manufacturing electronic devices is MI. All of their products are liked by the people. MI products are worth buying.

Among so many products they also come in the field of manufacturing MI Xiaomi smart air purifier. This air purifier is the best purifier that not only comes in a budget but also has salient features built-in.

As the name itself says ‘smart ‘which means that it can be controlled by your smartphone as well and there is also an LED display that shows air quality, humidity, and temperature.

Allergy is the most common disease nowadays from which many people even kids are suffering. This MI Xiaomi smart Air purifier is the best option to buy it not only cleans all the dirt, dust, and pollen from the air but even removes completely odour that can be from cooking, pet odour, etc.

 It is totally safe and covers a large area using its 3 triple layer filteration. Proper testing and checking by allergy care make it the perfect air purifier. It is worth buying.

Philips Ac1215/20 Air Purifier

Philips is the most trusted brand in electronic devices. Philips air purifier is the best purifier as so many certificates are awarded by ECARF and AIRMID  that fully ensures this Philips air purifier removes all the smallest particles from air that cause allergic as well as H1N1 virus.

The best part of this purifier is that it purifies the room as fast as possible with a CADR of 270m3/hour. It comes with 4 stages of the filteration process that truly gives fresh and odour-free air. It is the best air purifier which shows 4 different colours that indicate the quality of air surrounding it.

There is no need to worry much about using Philips Ac 121t/20 air purifier in front of children as it comes with its salient feature of a child lock.

The more special feature of this Philips best purifier is that it has an auto mode option that ensures the best air quality during cooking, cleaning, etc., and a night sensing mode option that gives you peaceful sleep by providing clean air. It is worth buying.

Blue Star Air Purifier Bs AP300DAI

Last but not least the best air purifier is Blue Star Air purifier. It comes with SensAir technology and microbe DeActiv+ that helps in removing the finest dust particles from the surroundings.

It has 3 stages of filteration for delivering fresh and clean air. The best part of the Blue Star air purifier is that it has digital timer settings of 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours one can set the time accordingly.

Auto filter clean LED indicator shows when to change the filter or clean it. The Microbe DeActiv+ technology ensures freshness and cleanness by removing the finest dust particles, air pollutants, pollen, etc that lead to airborne diseases.