Best Shirt Brands For Men In India 2023

There are lots of best shirt brands for men in India 2023. Today we are going to provide you a list of top most brand shirts for men to wear in parties & offices,

Shirts were categorized as the most common clothing wear that men used to wear formally in earlier days. Now the fashion style has changed in which shirts are also worn during any special occasions by men that give them a new style statement.

The shirts made in a new way give them a stylish look. The market is growing faster in terms of fashion style. There is so much competition in the market with different brands shirts that are giving tough competition to each other.

Using the right and latest technology, different brands are designing the best shirts in India in such a way that it gives men a stylish and elegant look that makes them to wear in any special occasion.

There are many brands that manufacture shirts using superior quality of fabric, different designs, patterns, colors. Best Shirts are a must to have in the closet of every man.

With the latest trend, there are different types of shirts for men that can be wear in offices or while going for a trip, or during any festive season or functions.

Mandarin Collared Shirt brand, oxford down shirts, polo shirts, flannel shirts, and denim shirts are some shirts brands for men in India that can be wear casually or formally. As you are all familiar with the saying – “first impression is the last impression” so clothing plays an important role in everyone’s life.

Wearing the best-branded shirt for men which you can pair up with jeans or pants gives you an elegant and decent look to every man.

Using the best shirts helps in adding different style statements. This article helps you a lot in knowing about the best shirt brands for men in terms of their superior quality of fabric, design, patterns, fitting, colours.

List of Top Most Best Shirt Brands In India in 2023

This article makes it simpler and easier for you to search for the best brand shirts for men with detailed descriptions. Here are some best shirt brands for men in India which are as follows-:

  1. Peter England
  2. Levi’s
  3. Arrow
  4. Raymond
  5. Jack & Jones
  6. Allen Solly
  7. Tommy Hilfiger
  8. Redtape
  9. Park Avenue
  10. U.s. polo

Peter England Shirt Brand In India 2023

Peter England is one of the best-known and leading shirt brands in the field of manufacturing a wide range of clothes for the different age groups for men, women, and kids.

It is mostly famous for using superior quality of fabric in making varieties of different collections for men, women, and kids.

Peter England is one of the best shirt brands for men which provides different varieties of shirts in different pricing ranges.

They manufacture shirts with superior quality of fabric using different designs and patterns. Giving the stylish and classy look that you can wear in formal way in offices or workplace. Peter England shirt comes in a variety of colour options in affordable prices which makes Peter England one of the best shirt brands in India.

Levi’s Brand Shirts

Levi’s is one the reputed shirt brand in providing a wide range of collections for men and women. It has wide range of shirts collection for men with different styles and design giving the elegant look while wearing which makes it one of the best shirt brands for men in India.

Levi’s uses high-quality of material for shirts having soft fabric with makes it comfortable to wear for a longer time without any discomfort or sweating.

Using soft and comfortable fabric makes it the best shirt that can be wear during the summer season. Levi’s provides stylish shirts for men in different colors, patterns and designs that makes it one of the best shirt brand in India.

Arrow Shirt Brand In India

Arrow is the most trusted and the oldest brand in the field of providing wide range of best shirts. Arrow is the best shirts brand in India that have a huge collection of shirts giving it a formal or casual look.

They use high-quality of fabric that makes the shirt more comfortable and breathable. They provide the best shirts in different patterns, a design that is able to give a stylish and decent look while wearing at your workplace or at any party.

The colors use in making the Arrow shirts do not fade away easily which helps it in looking new for a longer time. Arrow is the best shirt brand that gives a variety of shirts in different styles and with proper fitting in affordable prices that starts from Rs 500 and goes up to Rs 4000.


Raymond is the most popular brand name in the field of manufacturing varieties of clothes materials for men.

They are also known for its providing the finest quality of clothes in different price ranges. They provide different shirts in different patterns, designs, and colour that can be wear during any special occasion or workplace.

Finest quality for manufacturing the best shirts by Raymond makes everyone feel comfortable while wearing it. In terms of providing the best quality giving an elegant and decent look makes it one of the best shirts brand in India. Different designs and styles of different shirts are available by Raymond in the price range that starts from Rs 600 to Rs 4,500

Jack and Jones

Now as everyone wants to dress up according to fashion so many brands are available in the market that is giving competition to one another. Among many brands, Jack and Jones is the one such brand that gives the best shirts for men in affordable prices. It provides the best quality shirts with standardized fittings which gives elegant look.

It is a trustworthy brand that provides the best shirts for men which can be wear during any special occasion or in the office. The prices available for buying the best quality of shirts from Jack and Jones starts from ₹600 and goes upto ₹3,500.

Allen Solly

If you are looking for the best shirts for men with vibrant Colours and elegant designs then Allen Solly is the best shirts brand for men.

Allen Solly has become one of the best brands in the field of varieties of clothes for men and women. It is the fastest-growing brand that provides clothing using superior quality of material. Shirts for men by Allen Solly are made with soft fabric that gives more level of comfort while wearing it for a longer period. The fabric used in best shirts is also breathable which prevents sweating. There are varieties of shirts in different price range that starts from ₹500 to ₹3000.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the well-known and leading brands in providing the best quality and varieties of clothing for all age groups for men, women, and kids.

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the best brands not only in India but also in the world. It provides the best quality of shirts for men in bold and vibrant colors using the latest trend that makes it more loveable by the young generation.

They provide varieties of formal shirts as well as casual shirts. You can wear it in a party or in your workplace giving a decent look. You can pair up the finest quality shirts with jeans or pants according to your requirement. It comes in different price ranges which are affordable.

Redtape – Top Rated Shirt Brand

Redtape is one of the best brands that comes in the list of top-rated branded shirts for men. They use authentic materials for manufacturing the best shirts for men. They also have a wide range of collections of clothing not only for men but also for women and children.

The shirts for men are made up of pure  100% of cotton material that makes them comfortable to wear and also makes them breathable. Keeping in mind the latest trends in fashion, they provide a wide range of best shirts with stylish design and pattern which is available in all sizes. It is available in different price ranges starting from Rs 500.

Park Avenue

Park Avenue is one of the famous shirt brands in India as well as in worldwide. It is a huge brand that manufactures clothes for men, women, and kids as well as they also provide a huge collection of fragrance, body wash, grooming kit, and many more products for men.

Park Avenue has a vast collection of no. 1 brand shirts for men. They are made up of different color and style that gives the style statement.

Park Avenue gives a sophisticated and elegant look while wearing. They provide formal wear and casual wear for men. Using the best quality of material for making the best shirt makes it more durable without fading its color of it. The different price range for buying the Park Avenue shirt is from Rs 500 which is quite affordable.

U.S. Polo

Looking for the best brand that helps in making your closet to be filled with varieties of best shirts for men to use it in formally or casually then US Polo is the best brand for shirts for men. U.S. Polo has a vast collection providing the best shirts with latest designs and patterns. The vibrant and bold colors make it more stylish while wearing. The material use in making the shirts are of great quality which increases their durability as well as also increases its comfort level. U.S.Polo, The Best Shirt brand in India 2023 is worth buying it.

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