Best Paint Brand in India 2024

There are many companies that provide a variety of paints for walls, doors, and metals in terms of their durability and the quality of the material used in paint. There is tremendous growth in the past few years in manufacturing different types or varieties of paints by different companies.

Using the high-quality best paint brand in the house helps in improving the standard of living of the people. It also shows the status symbol.

Best brand paint also helps in protecting the walls from any damage that is mainly caused by the weather conditions. Now there are many best paints brand in India 2024 which is washable, giving a smooth and silky finish, odor free, shiny in nature, waterproof and also with anti-dust property and many more advance features that helps in adding beauty to the walls of the house.

What Are The Best Paint Brand In India 2024?

Now the main task is to choose the best paint brand in 2024 from various brands in India. This article helps you in taking the right decision from the detailed information about the best paint brand in India.

Here are the list of best paint brand in India which are as follows-:

  • Asian Paints
  • Nerolac Paints
  • Berger Paints
  • Indigo Paints
  • Nippon Paints

Asian Paints – No.1 Paint Brand In India

Asian paints are the most famous and leading brand in the field of manufacturing the best paint in India. Asian Paints Brand’s headquarter is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra which is in India. They have established so many manufacturing plants in India as well as in different parts of the world.

The revenue generated by the Asian paint company is of ₹29, 481 crores in 2024. Providing the best quality of paint using the latest technology in a variety of ranges to the customers makes it the best paint brand in India. They have different categories of paint for the exterior, interior, floor, and tiles.

Asian Paints is the best paint brand that provides the best quality of paint at a reasonable price. Using the best paint in your house enhances its beauty of it by giving a royal look. Using the latest technology with advanced features such as waterproof paints, Antifungal and anti-bacterial paints. The Asian Paints exterior paints are made using such quality that makes them suitable to be applied on the walls to get prevent from adverse climatic conditions. It also gives a shiny, luster finish to the walls.

Different varieties of Asian paint have specific features which make it more special. The highest quality comes with 12 years of its durability and also has the feature of being washable then Asian paint Royal Aspira is the best one.

If a person wants to paint their house every year then tractor Uno and tractor acrylic distemper can be used for it. Instead of using distemper on the walls you can use tractor emulsion or shine which is the best paint that comes at an affordable price.

For the customer who wants the paint walls fully washable or stained free then royale luxury emulsion is the best one. So different people have different choices and requirements for selecting the paint. Asian paints truly deserve the best paint brand given so many varieties having the best quality, especially in affordable prices.

Nerolac Paint Brand

Nerolac is another of the best paint brand in India in 2024. It manufactures and supplies the best quality of paint to its customers using advanced features and innovative technology. Its headquarters is situated in Mumbai in Maharashtra which is in India.

Founded year of Nerolac Paint is  1920. The effect from the foundation year, manufacturing a variety of paints and tremendous growth in its sales makes it the largest industrial paint in India.  As it is a subsidiary company of Japan which is famous for using the best ideas with the latest technology that helps in making Nerolac Paint at the position of the third largest decorative paint in India.

They have provided a variety of ranges of decorative paints that make your house more attractive and eye catchy. They manufacture the best paint with special features such as HD paints, washable paints, odor-free paints, matte finish paints, and metallic paints. Nerolac paints categorized their best paints that add beauty to the walls of the house under 3 categories that are  Premium  Range, Luxury Range, and Popular Range.

Many different paints are there under the category of Premium range of Nerolac paints which gives the wall matte finish look, excellent coverage, ultra shine, washable property giving no stain experience, and many more special features.

The luxury range of Nerolac paint as the category itself suggests the paints that give a luxury feeling which gives you the HD look with an ultra-rich finish, also with an odor free and low VOC paint, metallic finish.

The last but not least category of the popular range of the best paint that gives a variety of features of different paints under this category gives the wall a smooth finish, enhanced coverage and the best quality of paint in affordable pricing.

It provides so many varieties of paints for interior walls, exterior walls, wood coating, and metal enamel paints. With so many advanced features Nerolac paints becomes one of the best paint brands in India.

 Berger Brand Paint

Berger paint is one of the well-known brands in manufacturing the best paint in India. It’s an Indian company that has it’s headquarters in Kolkata that is in West Bengal.

Berger Paint company has established its various manufacturing units in different states of India as well as in different parts of the world. With so many varieties of color with different types of best paints makes it the best paint brand in India.

If you want to give your house the Royal look giving it a luxurious feeling then using the Silk Glamor High Sheen Luxury Emulsion paint is the best Berger paint that you can go for it. It helps in giving the silky smooth finish on the interior of the walls for a longer time period. You can select it from 10000 shades.

Berger Brand provides various paints for interior, exterior paints, metal finish, and wood finish paints. Among so many Berger paints, the best exterior wall paint is the Berger Walmasta anti-fungal exterior wall paint.

Berger Brand Paint helps in restricting the growth of fungus or bacteria on the exterior walls of the house which ruins its look of it. So using this paint makes the house look attractive from both outside and inside.

Using advanced features and the latest technology, it makes the walls of your house more durable and damage-free by protecting them from adverse climatic conditions and also helps in giving the sheen and matte finish to the walls of your house.

Berger Brand Paint is one of the best paint brand in India in terms of its quality which makes it worth buying.

Indigo Paints

Indigo paint is one of the leading brands in the field of manufacturing the finest quality of the best paint in India 2024. It is founded 22 years back in the year 2000 and with the commitment of hardworking and use the latest technology it has been able to make its position in one of the best paint brands in India.

Indigo paint has its headquarters which is located in Pune in Maharashtra, India. Their innovative ideas with advanced features make it a special position within a short period of time.

They provide variety of ranges of different paints for interior walls, and exterior walls that help in adding the royal and most elegant look to the house. Among so many varieties pf paint by Indigo Company, their Metallic paint, floor coat paint is the best one.

They also provide different paints for the floor as well as tile painting. Using Indigo paints on the walls of your house  With so many advanced features such as dirt proof, waterproof, odour free, helps in giving the walls a shiny glossy look with a matte finish. Luxury interior emulsion sheen from Indigo paint helps in giving a luxurious feeling with a royal touch.

The first ever paint for the floor from Indigo Paints makes the floor protected from the growth of algae or fungus and also gives the semi-gloss finish that can be easily washable.

By providing the best quality of paints using the latest technology and by adding special features makes it in the list of best paint brand in India that deserves it.

Nippon Paints

Nippon Paints is a well-known brand name in the field of manufacturing decorative and industrial paints using the best material with the latest technology. They provide the best quality paints which are environment friendly. The founding year of Nippon Paints is of 1881 which makes it the oldest company in the field of manufacturing paints. It’s headquarter is situated at Osaka which is in Japan which is a country which is famous for using the best innovative ideas with the latest technology. By providing the best quality of paints it is spread all over the parts of the world.

It has become one of the best paint brand in India.  They provide wide ranges of products of fine chemicals, paints, and coatings. They provide a wide range of products with so many colour options. Their paint products include special features that make your house more beautiful from both inside and outside.

Different paints by Nippon have different features such as it gives the walls a smooth matte finish look, some come with  Low VOC, some have washable property, some paint also gives weather protection to the walls, and paints with dirt proof and anti-peel wall.

With so many varieties and with special features make it is one of the best paint brands in India.