BoAt Warranty Registration & Track Status [How To Claim BoAt Warranty Online]

Purchase new Boat earphones, then quickly do the boat warranty registration. If in case your earphone not working then use boat warranty claim online procedure to get it repaired or replaced.

This article will show you how to Claim BoAt Warranty? Don’t panic if you recently bought new boat earphones or headphone devices and having issues with it. A one-year guarantee is included with every boAt headphone and earphones.

I advise you to look up the purchase date in case the warranty has expired. You must go to a nearby boat Service Center or the company’s official website to make a warranty claim.

I’ll now explain how to request a warranty claim for your BoAt headphones, earbuds, or other BoAt Electronic equipment.

Things to Keep In Mind Before BoAt Warranty Claim

Before submitting a claim under boAt warranty, must read the following 3 considerations:

  • You must have the Boat earphone purchase invoice or bill. You cannot make boat boAt Warranty claim for your earphone if you don’t have an invoice copy.
  • The duration of your earphone or headphone BoAt warranty; if the product is out of warranty, you are not eligible to make a BoAt warranty claim.
  • BoAt warranty claimed if your device is not working and get a replacement, only if there is no physical damage caused by you.

If you meet these factors, you can easily claim Boat Warranty for your earphone or headphone.

In case you have purchased BoAt earphones from Amazon and you misplaced your purchase invoice, then check the out get back Purchased BoAt Earphone Invoice to claim warranty.

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How to Get an Amazon Purchased BoAt Earphone Invoice To Claim Warranty?

You are well aware that you must have a product invoice in order to make a Boat warranty claim. The majority of customers in India buy boAt earphones and other boAt items from amazon.

I’ll teach you how to acquire the purchase invoice if you buy your earbuds from Amazon online.

Steps to Download BoAt Invoice Copy on Mobile From Amazon

Follow these Easy Steps to Get Amazon Product Invoice:

  • visit the mobile version of the “Amazon website”; On a mobile device, choose the “Menu Button” on the right.
  • Select the “YOUR ORDER” option from the menu bar after launching the menu.
  • You’ll see a list of your purchases. If you are unable to discover your headphones, select the filter option and choose the earlier year when you purchased them.
  • When you apply the filter, you will see that BoAt purchased headphones. If you click on the headphones, an option labelled “download invoice” will appear. Download your purchase invoice by clicking on it.

Steps to Download BoAt Invoice Copy on Computer From Amazon

To claim warranty of boAt earphone, an invoice copy is required to proceed the following procedure.

  • Go to the “Return and Orders” button on the website’s top right corner in Computer First. Just click it.
  • A list of your purchases will show when you click the Return and Orders option. Apply a year filter to the list if you can’t find your headphones.
  • You search for the product and from product’s upper right corner, tap the invoice, and then download it.
  • You will be able to obtain your purchase invoice after completing this procedure. Please verify the purchase date by opening it; the earbuds are still covered by warranty.

BoAt Warranty Registration Online 2024

I’ll now explain the process of signing up for BoAt warranty registration online form for boAt warranty.

For demonstrational purposes, we will make use of the boAt Bassheads 100 earphones’ warranty in this post.

Visit the boat’s official website’s boAt support page first. A three-option button will be visible after you land on the page.

  • ”state wise service center list.”
  • “Register a complaint.”
  • “Check the boat complaint status of the ticket.”

Selecting this will bring up a new window where you can register a complaint. Product, Product Group, and Pincode. Fill in these fields as perfectly serves you, and then click “Submit.”

There are two options for fixing your headphones after providing this short volume of information to boAt. The first boAt will give information about the service center close to you based on the Pincode you already provided. Second, a new BoAt complaint Registration page window will appear for you if there isn’t a service center nearby.

How To Fill BoAt Warranty Complaint Registration Warranty Form?

As seen in the image above, you must complete the boAt Complaint Registration form with your information and the main issue you are having with your device. You must fill out this form with your complete name, email address, mobile phone number, shipping and pick-up address, landmark, state, pin code, product group, product, and problem information, as well as the purchasing platform.

It is essential to make a BoAt complaint registration once you have completed all the fields and get a repair or replacement of your BoAt earphone under warranty.

Date of purchase and invoice; do you recall that we retrieved the invoice from Amazon? Okay, so you must provide the invoice, and get attached your inv. After that, carefully enter the BoAt product purchase date.

You need to complete one more step to submit your form. Select I accept the Terms & Conditions by clicking on it.

You next have to go through a security check; click “I’m not a robot” to go through the “CAPTCHA,” and then click the “Submit” button.

Your complaint has been filed if you correctly follow the procedure. Following that, boAt will provide you with a boat complaint track number, which you may use to conveniently check the progress of your complaint status.

Following the filing of the complaint, boAt will pick up your headphones or earbuds from the specified location. Furthermore, according to boAt, you just need to submit your earbuds and not the product box or any other accessories.

When your product arrives at the boAt Service Center, an internal boAt employee will inspect it in accordance with your complaint problem. If the product is successfully recovered, it will be returned back to you; if not, a new one will be replaced.

After making a BoAt warranty claim, you must wait for one or two weeks. Also after few days you may also check your boat warranty claim status or track.

How To Check BoAt Complaint Track Status?

When you file boAt warranty claim, boAt will provide you with a special boat track complaint number, so you can follow the progress of your BoAt warranty claim. If you’re unsure of how to track boat complaint, read this and follow  these easy steps:

  • To check the progress of a boAt complaint ticket, go to the boat support website.
  • Enter your boat complaint register tracking number and clicking Submit.
  • You will receive information on the boAt complaint warranty status of your headphones or earbuds.

Contact BoAt Complaint Registration Customer Care India

You can get in touch with boAt customer service if you’ve complained about your headphones or earphones but still have questions regarding the item. You have two options for getting in touch with boAt customer service: by phone or email.

BoAt’s official contact number in India is +91-2249461882 or 022-4946-1882

You might use these two numbers listed below to contact boAt customer service and ask to file a complaint related to the damaged product.

The email address for Boat Customer Care to register a Complaint is . This is the authorised email address to use for sending problems to boAt.

What Is The Boat Warranty Registration Number?

The Boat Warranty Registration Number is : +91-224946188. You may call on this number to claim boat warranty.

Is BoAt Warranty Claim Free?

Yes, you can claim boat warranty for free and get replaced or repaired of your damaged earphone until the warranty period is over.

How Do I Claim BoAt Warranty For My Earphone?

You can claim BoAt warranty over the phone by calling at 022-4946-1882 BoAt customer care.

How Do I Check My BoAt Warranty Status?

Visit “https://support.boat-lifestyle .com/” as the first step. Second step: choose “Track your Warranty Ticket.” Step 3: Enter the ticket number and registered cellphone number, then click “Submit.” Step 4: A screen will show the status of your warranty.

How Do I Contact My BoAt For Warranty Claim?

You may contact boAt customer service at (022-6918-1920) for boAt warranty or file a complaint.

How Do I Complaint On A Boat Via Mail?

For any warranty and service-related questions, send an email to, or call customer care for assistance.

I help to describe how to simply claim a boAt warranty in the post above. You learn how to fill out a complaint form on Amazon, download a copy of the purchase invoice, and check the status of our boAt complaints. If you have any further questions, please contact boAt customer service.

I really hope that this guide will assist you in reclaiming a boAt warranty. If you have any questions or have any other difficulties, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to assist you. Gratitude for reading.